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FactotumNOW IT Management Repository


Quick specs

Version: 3.41
Downloads: 4285
Updated: 6/2/2007
Added: 6/2/2007
License: Commercial
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Screenshot of FactotumNOW IT Management Repository 

Publisher's description

The program helps IT departments with change, incident, purchase, and dependency management. FactotumNOW integrates into existing availability monitoring (HP SIM and GFI NSM) and monitors availability itself. It generates disk growth prognostics, allows for close customer interaction through e-mail and a web frontend, includes a knowledge base solution (that assists during incident management), and asset management functionality (based on data collection of Active Directory, WSUS, HP SIM, GFI NSS). It allows you to consolidate data from monitoring tools into a single repository database and enforces workflows (such as manager's approval for change requests). It includes a PHP frontend for submission of requests to the IT department. IT accesses the repository through a GUI client. All repository data is stored in PostgreSQL. A robust engine automates the data collection and the availability monitoring. As optional features, you can run storage analysis agents on your file servers and analyze your IIS web traffic in detail. Key benefits: - Small installation effort: Configure modules selectively as you need them when you want to start using them! - Complete IT Management Solution: FactotumNOW IT Repository is a complete solution for managing and supporting your IT infrastructure! - Achieves a high Return on Investment: Low TCO bundled with an extensive feature list maximizes your ROI! - Scalability and Flexibility: Deploy only the modules you need! - Way beyond just an inventory: The synchronization engines will ensure your data remains relevant and accurate! - Integrates with your existing tools: Connectors to important tools on your network will ensure you see everything in a single dashboard! Asset Management: Fully automated collection and update of data through a robust synchronization engine from these sources: Microsoft® Active Directory® computer accounts, Microsoft® Exchange 2000/2003 mailbox attributes and email addresses and Microsoft® WSUS.

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